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Winter Leagues
First Team
1 Jack White
2 Paul Birkett
3 Andy Kimber
4 Nevil Macknish
5 Malcolm White (Captain)
6 Nick Sabey

Second Team
1 Laurence Armiger
2 Nigel Taylor (Captain)
3 Gary Asquith
4 Matt Beaton
5 Liam Walsh
6 Patrick Norman
7 Bob Taylor

Third Team
1 Alistair Paul
2 Chris Craven (Captain)
3 Richard Craven
4 Phil Hudson
5 Ian Peek
6 Ahmad El-Refee
7 Robert Dadds
8 Dan Caulket (Snr)
9 Dan Caulket (Jnr)
10 Alan Thompson
11 John Moore


Selection of playing order

The names are not listed in playing order as this will be decided by the individual Team Captains

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